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Who are we?

AG Children For Liberia es una organización sin fines de lucro dedicada a mejorar la vida de niños y niñas huérfanos en Liberia. Nuestra misión es proporcionar un hogar seguro, amoroso y educativo para ellos. Creemos que cada niño merece una infancia feliz y la oportunidad de alcanzar su autonomía.

Our orphanages

Completely refurbished in Monrovia, the orphanage houses more than 60 orphans, who have the possibility to eat daily, receive education and enjoy a home environment full of human and family warmth.

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Our founders

Our team is made up of professionals and entrepreneurs who share a common vision: to help the foundation's projects in a completely selfless way.

Alejandro Bellapart

Alejandro Bellapart


Goncha de Juan Sabater

Goncha de Juan Sabater


Marcelo Tenza

Marcelo Tenza


Chica Benadada

Chica Benadada


Gabriel Estrades

Gabriel Estrades


Carlos Barceló

Carlos Barceló


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